Stress in the workpace

Stress has become an increasingly global phenomenon affecting all professions, families and societies in general. With 90% of visits to G.P.'s for stress related illness, there is evidence that stress at work is associated with changes in behaviour as well as physiological functions, which may be detrimental to health. Don't wait for raised levels in absenteeism, RSI, or even litigation to look for ways of reducing stress, let us show you how we can help your company.

How we can help

D-Stress Direct therapists have been offering in-house treatments to staff for a number of years. Our service offers practical and immediate help for a number of conditions. It has been proven that in-house treatment will reduce absenteeism, improve morale and will demonstrate a commitment of management to staff.

Seated Acupressure Massage
Remedial Treatment
Wellbeing Sequence
In-house Wellbeing
Life Coaching