Work Related Stress

Stress has become an increasingly global phenomenon affecting all professions, families and societies in general. With 90% of visits to G.P.'s for stress related illness, there is evidence that stress at work is associated with changes in behaviour as well as physiological functions, which may be detrimental to health.
Specifically, stress may contribute to the development of various symptoms of occupational ill health such as back pain and repetitive strain injury (RSI), and can affect all major systems and organs in the body.

Every day, RSI conditions cost 6 people their jobs
5.4 million days lost in 2002 due to RSI-related absence
Up to £20 billion lost to UK Industry due to absence

(Source: RSI Association)

The emerging approach for intervention emphasizes prevention and elimination of the causes rather than the treatment of its effects.

Health and Safety Legislation

The European Commission has introduced measures to ensure the safety and health of workers. Employers should:

Aim to prevent work related stress
Assess the risks of work related stress by looking for pressures at work that could cause high and long lasting levels of stress and deciding who might be harmed
Take adequate action to prevent the harm.

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